Owner Mutu Light Circle
Review • • • 22.08.2015
First thing that comes to mind when I look at Owner's Mutu Light Circle is "what's with the abnormal shape?" To further understand the logic behind this design, I am throwing...

DIY - Coiled Feeder
Technical • • • 07.08.2015
A feeder is designed to hold a large amount of bait with the purpose of attracting fish. However, it is prone to getting snagged, therefore, fishermen who uses it prefer to...

DIY - Spool Washer
Technical • • • 19.07.2015
This morning I filled up a rarely used reel with PE braid only to discover its line lay is not uniform. More line on the top of the spool to be precise. Its drag washers are still in prime condition...

Possible World Record
News • • • 30.06.2015
"Every so often we'll catch a fish that really impresses me, and this one did," said Deeks, who runs Native Sons Fishing Guides. The trout taped out at 34.25 inches, or 87 centimeters.

DIY - Hook Keeper
Technical • • • 13.06.2015
Not all rods come with a hook keeper & that could be inconvenient for those who frequently switch location. Common solution is to have one bind by a rod maker or use...

Jungle River Reconnaisance
Freshwater • • • 21.05.2015
We all know the world's weather is acting strange lately. Prolonged drought here, heavy snow there. My area has been experiencing dry months, showered luxuriously with rat's pee rainfall...

Hoven's Carp
Freshwater • • • 07.04.2015
Mad Barb is Hoven's Carp old FAO name (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). The lot of you would probably think, how mad can it be? After all, it's just a barb or carp...

Torpedoes On The
Other End!
Freshwater • • • 14.03.2015
The other day I was rummaging around in my freezer for something to go with pasta. That is when I stumbled upon some leftover groundbait & boilies. Bait pasta? Definitely not.

Dino Ferrari Caught A Massive Wels Catfish News • • • 07.03.2015
A fisherman has caught a giant 8ft 9in long catfish weighing 19 stone. Dino Ferrari hooked the huge wels catfish, which was 2.67m in length, last week in the Po Delta in Italy.