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The Birth Of Fishing Nation

In early June 2013, I was trying out some irc clients on Efnet's irc.prison.net. #fishing was the room that I went into & met dingo a.k.a Jeff. After some frequent visits, the subject of running a fishing website was brought up. Initially it was to be a blogging site. Before long, the idea evolved to a full-blown website. 3 days later on 11th of June 2013, this site went online.

Our main objective is to document various fishing tactics from all over the world, hence the name, Fishing Nation. In addition, we will also write technical stuffs about rod, reels, terminal tackle as well as reviews.

Why document them?

What is common in one country may be exotic to the rest of the world. Handlining, pole or reel. Old school or new school. Original idea or improvised. Big fish or small. Giant prawns to slippery eels. If it is something special from your part of the world, we want to document it! Most of us don't have the privilege to experience fishing around the world. So we bring the world's fishing to you.

A short introduction

Jeff contribute articles, provide the site's logistics & technical support. His introduction goes like this... Jeff acquired his boat license at age 12. Spent most of his summers fishing & eating panfish out of Lincoln & connecting Lakes of west Michigan with his brother Ray. Lost to the corporate world as a web & software engineer as an adult, he's recently picked up his pole again & mostly fishes the Shiawassee river.


Lip is in charge of the site's overall operation. He acquired his fishing skills in central Pahang, Malaysia. Surrounded by mountains & jungles, he fishes everyplace freshwater & sometimes saltwater. Any species from the heart stopping striped snakehead to the mighty jungle perch is exciting for him.


Contact Us

Got any exciting fishing methods from your part of the world?
A fishing experience to share with the rest of the world?
Advertising needs for your business to reach out globally?

Support Our Cause

If you have the means to support our website, monetary or otherwise, feel free to contact us.
Your contribution can fund our server and operations and we value that. If not, sit back and enjoy!


Tools To Facilitate Your Contribution!

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