Technical - the vital link to your fish

All hooks can catch fish. So why waste time with choosing? It's about making your strikes connect consistently. To achieve 9 out of 10 instead of 3 ...

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Bronze Featherback

Freshwater - graceful humpbacks of calm water

Does bronze featherback sound exotic to you? It is the smallest of the featherbacks & widely distributed throughout Asia. According to fishbase.org; it has a maximum length of 60cms. In waters where the food chain is solid, I had seen fish up to 1' ...

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Merry Christmas & Happy 2014 New Year To Everyone

News - a short list of updates to this site

I've made some changes from the numerous feedback you guys sent me. Thanks ya'all.

- added stopper knot to "Knots 1 - The Fundamentals"
- added ounce to grammes conversion entry to "Fisherman's Chart"
- made some minor changes to "Bait & Lures"
- re-arranged some of the layout

January 1, 2014   posted by N.C Lip

Red & Nile Tilapia

Freshwater - never underestimate their cleverness

Let me begin by saying that the red tilapia is not one of the many species of tilapias. They are a result of continuous selective breeding to obtain several variants of red. The name red tilapia is then used to refer to these variants....

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Freshwater - prefers the deep, dark & cool

The Walleye is one of the prized fish to catch in the St. Mary’s River, which connects Lake Superior & Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, which is where I primarily fish. These fish are generally caught at weights from 1lb & upwards of 10lbs...

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Bait & Lures

Technical - new to fishing & don't know what to use?
fished for more than 30 years & still don't know what to use?
then take a look at this ...

An on-growing list of bait & lures for your reference.

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Fisher snags monster halibut off Norway

News - A German sport fisherman recently made the catch of his life – a monster halibut nearly two-and-a-half metres long weighing 194 kilos.

The 45-year-old Christian Johannsen from North Friesland pulled in the gigantic fish after an epic four-hour battle in the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway.

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Could enormous Baja amberjack have been a world record?

News - The powerful amberjack was so massive it might have been a world record.

But the fisherman who battled the monstrous fish, and the Mexican crew that helped deliver it from the Sea of Cortez to a remote Baja California beach, were not thinking about records. They marveled at the size of the fish and hefted their great prize as if to see if it could, indeed, be hefted—then carved it up for fish tacos and fillets for the grill.

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Record-breaking 103lb cod would provide 200 fish suppers

News - this mammoth cod is thought to be the biggest ever caught by an angler, weighing in at an incredible 103lbs.

The 5ft-long specimen was hauled in by Michael Eisele, 44, in the waters off Norway last month. If confirmed by the International Game Fishing Association, it will smash the previous world record of 98lbs 12oz for an Atlantic cod caught off New Hampshire in the United States in 1969.

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