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News From 2013

Enormous Baja Amberjack
News • • • 16.11.2013
But the fisherman who battled the monstrous fish, and the Mexican crew that helped deliver it from the Sea of Cortez to a remote Baja California beach, were not thinking about records. They marvelled at the size of the fish and hefted their great prize as if to see if it could, indeed, be hefted—then carved it up for fish tacos and fillets for the grill.

James R. Bramlett, 65, Landed A 70 lb Striped Bass
News • • • 17.08.2013
When James R. Bramlett of Dora, Alabama caught the fish of a lifetime February 28, 2013 on the Black Warrior River near the Gorgas Steam Plant, he knew the striped bass may be a state record and possibly a new world record. Getting the fish weighed accurately was his first thought.

Record-breaking 103lb Cod Would Provide 200 Fish Suppers
News • • • 20.07.2013
The 5ft-long specimen was hauled in by Michael Eisele, 44, in the waters off Norway last month. If confirmed by the International Game Fishing Association, it will smash the previous world record of 98 lb 12oz for an Atlantic cod caught off New Hampshire in the United States in 1969.

Haze Issue In Malaysia & Singapore

News • • • 06.07.2013
The recent arrival of rain is washing away the haze issue affecting parts of Malaysia & Singapore. Even with the good news fishing is still out of the question due to the threat of acid rain. I took this opportunity to revamp the website & forum. New logo, banners & fonts are in place. Everything is easier on the eyes. Hopefully by the next week or two it will be safe to fish!

Haven't We Met Before?
News • • • 29.06.2013
Angler Tim Cosens was surprised to see an ‘old friend’ on the end of his fishing reel when he caught the same common carp at Strawberry Fields fishery in Tunbridge Wells, Kent that he had reeled in back in 1999.

Website Cleanup

News • • • 21.06.2013
Performed some html & css cleanup. Armed with my below average CS5 skills I made a new banner & a logo. Now this site is optimized for Opera, Firefox & Seamonkey. Internet Explorer 6 does not display this page properly so I suggest those using IE6 to upgrade or use an alternative compatible browser. The new logo will be displayed on the right.

Forums Is Up

News • • • 15.06.2013
Jeff got the forum up & running. Comments? Post your thoughts.
Speak your mind. Let us know if you encounter any hiccups with the forum.
We'll tweak it along the way.