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News From 2014

208 lb Skate Caught Off British Shores
News • • • 08.11.2014
Daniel Bennett, 26, recently reeled in what is considered to be the largest fish ever caught from British shores. The Yorkshire, England, fisherman caught a massive common skate, weighing an estimated 208 pounds, while he was sifting with members of The Whitby Bass Club off the northern tip of the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

New Record Sheepshead In Delaware
News • • • 29.10.2014
The Delaware Department of Natural Resources has confirmed that a sheepshead fish caught in Lewes last month has set a new state record. The 17.1-pound fish measured 28 inches long and had a girth of 24 inches.

It's The Monsoon Season

News • • • 27.08.2014
The frequent & unpredictable rain has made fishing almost impossible. Although there are some places with shelter to fish from, I still don't fancy getting zapped by lightning. So for the past few weeks I did some website enhancement, especially on its appearance. Hopefully this will provide a better viewing experience. Ultralight fishing will be next on the to-do list as soon as opportunity knocks.

Site Went Down

News • • • 30.07.2014
Site went down for 3 days or so, probably due to some glitch but everything is back to normal now. I'll be uploading new stuff in the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What's Going On

News • • • 20.04.2014
Jeff had moved & is going to start all over again; getting his fishing license, gears & finding new places to fish. Hopefully, he will have new catches to share with us. Meanwhile I have some real life issues to tend to so production of new articles will be temporarily left aside.

Again, to those who wish to contribute their fishing knowledge, welcome.
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Merry Christmas & Happy 2014 New Year To Everyone

News • • • 01.01.2014
I've made some changes from the numerous feedback you guys sent me. Thanks ya'all.

- added stopper knot to "Knots 1 - The Fundamentals"
- added ounce to grammes conversion entry to "Fisherman's Chart"
- made some minor changes to "Bait & Lures"
- re-arranged some of the layout