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News From 2015

Fisherman Pulled Into The Water By Huge Fish
News • • • 27.12.2015
A Chinese fisherman engaged in an epic struggle with a large catch had his failure -- and resulting fall into the water -- caught on camera. The fisherman in Hunan Province was in view...
Yuri El Diablo Reels In 19 Stone Catfish
News • • • 27.12.2015
The eye-watering catch could be the biggest catfish ever caught after Yuri El Diablo Grisendi caught the monster fish in the River Po near Mantova, Italy. The 38-year-old from...
Tennessee Man Catches 90 lb Blue Catfish
News • • • 13.12.2015
Tyler Schmid could've gone Black Friday shopping this year but instead experienced "one of the highlights of [his] outdoor life." Instead of hauling TVs and electronics home...
'Monster' St. Lawrence River Muskie
News • • • 11.12.2015
Jeff Brockner said his recent landing of a monster, 58-inch muskie on the St. Lawrence River was an unforgettable father-son experience – the culmination of years of trying...
Huge Wolffish Caught At Hokkaido Island
News • • • 29.09.2015
A monstrous prehistoric-looking wolffish has been caught off the Japanese coast. Hirasaka Hiroshi reeled in the whopper during a trip to Hokkaido, Japan's second largest island.
A Bizarre Neon Coloured Pike
News • • • 08.09.2015
It's not the Loch Ness monster, but a Yellowknife angler has ignited debate of his own after landing, and then releasing, a fluorescent green pike while fishing in Great Slave Lake.
Possible World Record Trout
News • • • 30.06.2015
"Every so often we'll catch a fish that really impresses me, and this one did," said Deeks, who runs Native Sons Fishing Guides. The trout taped out at 34.25 inches, or 87 centimeters.
Dino Ferrari Caught A Massive Wels Catfish
News • • • 07.03.2015
A fisherman has caught a giant 8ft 9in long catfish weighing 19 stone. Dino Ferrari hooked the huge wels catfish, which was 2.67m in length, last week in the Po Delta in Italy.

Idaho Girl, 12, Sets New Yellow Perch World Record
News • • • 24.02.2015
Idaho Fish and Game says Tia Wiese went ice fishing with her dad last March at Lake Cascade and landed a giant perch. Tia and her father, Gary, went to Cascade to have the perch weighed on a certified scale. It came in at a whopping 2 pounds 11.68 ounces.

2015 Is Here

News • • • 30.01.2015
Right now I'm working on several articles & being a porch monkey at the same time. Probably that's why none of them gets completed.

I'll try to get one uploaded by the next two weeks. Other than wishing you guys a Happy New Year 30 days late, a 'Dropper Loop' has been added to the 'Knots 1 - The Fundamentals' under the Technical section. Saltwater anglers ought to check it out.