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News 2017

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27052017 Site Modification

News • • • 27.05.2017
I did some appearance tweaking to the Freshwater, Saltwater & Technical section. I also scrapped the Review section & replaced it with OneShot. What it means is visitors can now submit one picture along with some details. This approach will appeal to those with little time to write as well as solve the problem of language barrier. Submission criteria can be found here Guidelines For Submitting Article. We hope to receive your submission soon!
Two-headed fish found in Kakinada
News • • • 16.04.2017
A rare two-headed Indian Mackerel (Kanagurtalu) was found in a fish catch at fish landing centre in Kumbhabhishekam, near on Monday...

News • • • 01.01.2017
Apart from the usual Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and a better 2017, here is a list of translation softwares for contributors whose English is not their native language. The list can be found here at the bottom: Guidelines For Submitting Article

And oh yes, Fishing Nation wishes our readers a MERRY XMAS & a ultra happy 2017 NEW YEAR! We look forward to seeing more exciting articles from our readers.