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DIY - Spool Washer

uh oh, my reel does not come with extra spool washers


This morning I filled up a rarely used reel with PE braid only to discover its line lay is not uniform. More line on the top of the spool to be precise. Its drag washers are still in prime condition which means the problem is with the spool's position. So all I have to do is add spool washers to the main shaft to raise the spool. A quick search reveals that this reel does not ship with extra spool washers. What else to do but craft some.

Before moving further, here are some pointers for this project. I am using plastic food container as material for the spool washer. Other similar item is usable as long as it is supple & has thickness equal to or less than the stock spool washer.

Some of the tools we need. Having more drill bits to choose from can be handy.

First step is find the right sized drill bit for our power drill.
The one I use allows my stock spool washer to go in by a bit but not all the way. diy-sw002

Cut a small piece from our food container & drill holes to it using the chosen drill bit.
Draw an outline of the stock spool washer. Then cut it out with a pair of scissors.
It is all right if it is slightly wider or imperfectly cut.

Dab some reel oil to our crafted spool washer.
After that insert it to the main shaft just below the stock spool washer.
Remember to add one washer at a time, fill the spool & then check the line lay.
If it is still uneven, de-spool & repeat the step above until you get the desired line lay.

It took two washers to achieve this result.