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Guidelines For Submitting Article

skilful enough to write for us?

We are always looking for experienced & skilful fishermen to contribute.
Articles can be written in English or your native language as long as it is
supported by Google or other language translation service.
Submission is purely voluntary. Please email us if you have any uncertainties.

我們一直在尋找經驗豐富,技術嫻熟的釣漁手﹐ 為我們寫文章。

Siempre estamos buscando pescadores experimentados y hábil para contribuir.
Los artículos se pueden escribir en inglés o en su idioma nativo, siempre y cuando
sea compatible con Google u otro servicio de traducción de idiomas.
La sumisión es puramente voluntaria.
Envíenos por correo electrónico por favor si usted tiene cualesquiera incertidumbres.


Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach erfahrenen und geschickten Fischern.
Artikel können in Englisch oder in Ihrer Muttersprache verfasst werden, solange
sie von Google oder einem anderen Übersetzungsdienst unterstützt wird.
Die Einsendung ist freiwillig.
Mailen Sie uns bitte, wenn Sie irgendwelche Ungewissheiten haben.

Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de pêcheurs expérimentés et habiles à contribuer.
Les articles peuvent être rédigés en anglais ou dans votre langue maternelle,
à condition qu'ils soient pris en charge par Google ou par un autre service de traduction.
La soumission est purement volontaire.
S'il vous plaît écrivez-nous si vous avez des incertitudes.


OneShot Submission

One picture along with the required details listed below.
Dateleave this empty
Speciesrequired | example - bass, stingray, goonch, snakehead etc
Locationrequired | as in country of your catch
Weightoptional | example - 5.6kg, 16lb
Lengthoptional | example - 38 inches, 44cm, 2.2m
Equipmentoptional | example - rod Tenryu Bayblaze, reel Shimano TwinPower, line Sunline Castaway
Notesoptional | example - I use liver as bait tied to a one foot nylon leader...

Full Article

Freshwater or Saltwater:
One species for each article.
Minimum 200 words & 5 sharp pictures.
Use something acceptable for a catch size comparison instead of slippers.
Example: Peacock Bass - Freshwater or Wahoo - Saltwater

Fishing equipments, lure modification or specialized rigs.
Example: Types Of Fly, Pros & Cons of Nylon & Braided Lines
For technical stuffs, check with us about the topic you have in mind before writing.

Contact us with the details and we will try to find a fitting section.
If you have any uncertainties please do not hesitate to mail us.


All media published on http://fishing-nation.org
are regarded as property of http://fishing-nation.org
However, owners of these media can re-publish them elsewhere as they wish.
Have your archived file sent to:

Tools To Facilitate Your Contribution!

7-zip for Windows

Language Translation
QTranslate for Windows (supports multi translation services)
Google Translate for Android
Microsoft Translator for Android
Google Translate for iPhone
Microsoft Translator for iPhone
Google Web-based
Bing Web-based