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Knots 2 - Line To Leader

linking mainline to leader


There are times when fishing demands the use of leader in excess of 10 feet. A knot instead of a swivel is the preferred choice to meet such demand. Obviously, this is for the connection to pass through rod guides, line roller or levelwind. Here are some reliable line to leader knots.

Bimini Twist
For creating a double line on the main line. This double line is then used to connect to the leader using FG or Improved Bristol knot. Make 12 to 15 twists for optimum strength.

FG Knot
One of the best to use when the mainline is PE/braided line.
Very strong when paired with Bimini Twist. knots-fg

Bristol Knot. Another strong line to leader knot.
Quicker to tie when compared to FG knot. Useful when time is working against you. knots-bristol

Double Surgeon's Knot
Same as the double surgeon's loop without the loop.
Easy to tie & fairly strong. Good for connecting 2 nylon monofilaments with speed.