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Maintenance - Drag

silky smooth over jerky rough


We all know the importance of a well performing drag system so let us skip that part. There are two types of drag configuration, wet or dry. Wet here means coated with grease, not water. Grease does two things, reduce heat build up from the friction when the drag washers revolve and aids in corrosion prevention.

Teflon and gasket drag washers run dry whereas carbon fibre and felt washers run wet. In this tutorial we will be dealing with felt washers.

1. Other than reel grease, you'll also need a wiping cloth and a small screwdriver.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the drag washer retainer by gently pushing to its centre.

3. The retainer's design may differ from reel to reel. Refer to reel schematic if necessary.

4. Pour the drag stack out. They comprise of drag washers and metal washers.

5. Arrange them in the order they were removed to avoid confusion during reassembly.
Shown here are three felt washers (darker ones) and three metal washers (grey ones).

6. Wipe the entire area where washers are retained to remove old grease & other impurities.
Clean the metal washers this way too.

7. If the drag washer is fairly clean then proceed to grease to it. If the presence of old
grease is strong, degrease it beforehand by using a non-harsh degreaser from WD40.

8. Dab some grease onto your index finger and rub onto thumb to spread it thin.
After that, rub the drag washer in a circular motion. Repeat for all drag washers.

9. Arrange drags in the right order once the cleaning and greasing is completed.
Place the entire stack back by aligning the eared washer. Finally fit in the retainer.