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Maintenance - Line Roller

no moss no dirt silky smooth


Line roller lets the line flow out from the reel during a run. As the names states, it must be able to roll. This ability to roll, fluidly, however, will be impeded by dirt gathered after countless retrieval. Only periodic maintenance through simple steps shown here can keep it clean. For those with a different reel, check with your reel's schematics. The difference in parts and assembly is not colossal. And yes, it is handy to have your reel's schematic around during any maintenance.

1. Remove the screw that holds the line roller together.

2. Separate the bail arm from the bail by pusing the bail arm downwards.
Watch out for tiny falling parts.

3. Arrange the parts in the order they were taken out. This will be useful during re-assembly.
Clean and lube according to the image below.

4. Line roller's housing is also a favourite haunt for dirt. Reassemble after completion.
Make sure not to over-tighten the screw seen in step 1.

5. Finally, the finishing step is to test the roller's ability to spin.
Use a toothpick to push the roller up and down under a bright light.
If it spins then you're good to go. If it doesn't, don't commit suicide.
Just check for mistakes in reassembly and screw tightness.