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Essential Rigs

a compilation of reliable rigs, proven by time & results


Knowledge of rig is equally important as the knot itself. The more rigs one can tie, the more approach he can dish out at his quarry. Therefore any good angler ought to absorb them like a dry sponge to water.

As for the knots shown here, there are two tutorials listed under the Technical section. Knots 1 - The Fundamentals & Knots 2 - Line To Leader.

1. mainline to hook - simple & deadly yet often overlooked. the rig to use for wary fish or if you're new to fishing.

2. mainline to swivel to leader to hook -  2 variations with sinker are included due to their effectiveness. obviously it's for casting distance while sinker on mainline restricts movement of livebait. sinker on leader will pin floating bait like tapioca leaves to the bottom.

3. feeder - there are many types of feeder out there. shown here is the coiled feeder, which is a coiled up wire in its simplest form. it can be made at home with few simple tools.

4. mainline or leader to duolock snap swivel - works well with a wide range of lures.

5. float with stopper knot - a stopper knot can be tied with nylon or rubber band, depending on the diametre of your rod's ring. the bead is intended to stop the float from sliding over the stopper knot.

6. saltwater jigging & popping - heavy duty saltwater lure fishing.

7. paternoster or apollo rig -  The ever popular saltwater rig.

8. spreader rig -  the big fish rig for use in weak or strong currents.